Joyful Art Journaling Collage Tearsheet 4
Joyful Art Journaling Collage Tearsheet 4
Joyful Art Journaling Collage Tearsheet 4
Joyful Art Journaling Collage Tearsheet 4

Joyful Art Journaling Collage Tearsheet 4

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This blue and sepia-toned collage tear sheet is a digital, instantly downloadable printable that can be used in all kinds of personal art projects, like art journaling, scrapbooking, junk journals, collage art, stationery, bible journals and more... right away! My collage tear sheets are vintage-inspired with a modern aesthetic. This one includes bits of music pages, handwritten recipe names, drawings and marks made by me, and part of a portrait, too.

This page is also available in a BUNDLE of 5 for 40% off here:

I love making these into collage fodder. I originally created them with a mix of marks, shapes and materials!

This printable collage sheet was made using recycled materials and vintage ephemera, along with modern marks that will make your finished pieces stand out! This piece highlights lots of blue, sepia-toned faded vintage papers, and black.

You can use them in all kinds of projects, not just art journals! Use it in things like tags, envelopes, stickers, planners, as gift wrap or gift tags, or, like my favorite thing to do with them (as I show in the video in this listing) tear them up! (I like turning them upside down before tearing so the resulting pieces are a complete surprise!) and use them as collage fodder.

You can print them out as many times as you want for your own personal use. Try tearing them in different directions and sizes each time, and it's like a whole new resulting image!

You can also use them in your digital scrapbooks and/or planners, or in your own digital collages.

Download, print, create!

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